Sample Reference Check Questions For Recruiting Hotel Staff

  1. When did [Hotel Staff Name] work for your Hotel/Resort?
  2. Could you confirm starting and ending employment dates?
  3. When did he or she leave the Hotel/Resort?
  4. Why did [Hotel Staff Name] leave the Hotel/Resort?
  5. What was [Hotel Staff Name] starting and ending salary?
  6. What was [Hotel Staff Name] position?
  7. Can you describe the job responsibilities?
  8. Could I briefly review [Hotel Staff Name] resume?
  9. Do the job title and job description match the position that [Hotel Staff Name] held?
  10. Did [Hotel Staff Name] miss a lot of work?
  11. Was he or she frequently late?
  12. Were there any issues you are aware of that impacted [Hotel Staff Name] performance?
  13. Did [Hotel Staff Name] get along well with management and coworkers?
  14. Did [Hotel Staff Name] had good etiquettes and manners with the guests?
  15. Did [Hotel Staff Name] had good product knowledge and keep updating about new products and services offered.
  16. Was [Hotel Staff Name] promoted while with your Hotel/Resort?
  17. Did [Hotel Staff Name] supervise other employees? How effectively?
  18. If I spoke to those employees, how do you think they would describe [Hotel Staff Name] management style?
  19. How did [Hotel Staff Name] handle conflict? How about pressure? Stress?
  20. Did you evaluate [Hotel Staff Name] performance?
  21. Can you speak about the strong and weak points?
  22. What was noted as needing improvement during this performance review?
  23. What was [Hotel Staff Name] biggest accomplishment while working for your Hotel/Resort?
  24. Would you rehire [Hotel Staff Name] if the opportunity arose?
  25. If I describe the position we are hiring for to you, could you describe how good a fit you think [Hotel Staff Name] would be for the position?
  26. Is there anything I haven’t asked that you would like to share with me?
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