Methods and Factors that help in cooling down foods quickly

  • The Size of the food item being cooled.
  • The thickness of the food or distance to its centre plays the biggest part in how fast a food cools.
  • The density of the food – the denser the food, the slower it will cool. For example, chilli will take longer than chicken noodle soup.
  • The container in which a food is stored – stainless steel transfers heat from foods faster than plastic. Initially loosely wrap food items.
  • Size of the container – Shallow pans with product depth less than two inches allow the heat from food to disperse faster than deep pans.
  • Food may not move through the temperature danger zone fast enough if the food is still hot when placed in the cooler or freezer or kept in bulk.

Methods for cooling foods faster:

  • The hot food may also raise the temperature of the surrounding food items, placing them in the temperature danger zone (5º Celsius – 57º Celsius).
  • Listed below are a few methods that can be used to cook foods more quickly, These methods can be used alone or in combination.
  • By reducing the quantity of the food being cooled.
  • Cutting large food items into smaller pieces or divide large containers of food into smaller containers.
  • By using a blast chiller or tumble chillers to cool food before placing it into refrigerated storage.
  • By using an ice-water bath.
  • Divide cooked food into shallow pans or smaller pots then place them in ice water and stir food items frequently.
  • Add ice or water as an ingredient while preparing foods, This works for foods that contain water as an ingredient, such as a soup or stew.
  • The recipe can initially be prepared with less water than is required.
  • Cold water or ice can then be added after cooking to cool the product and to provide the remaining water required in the recipe.
  • Stir food to cool faster and more evenly. Ice paddles (plastic paddles that are filled with water and frozen) and chill sticks can be used to stir food through the cooling process.
  • Stirring food with these cold paddles chills food quickly as this acts as internal ice baths.
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