Job Description for Painter and Polisher Engineering

Position Title: Painter / Polisher

Reports To:  Shift Engineer / Asst. Manager Engineering

Position Summary:

As a pinter or polisher in the engineering department, you will be responsible to apply paint, stain and other finishes for property walls, ceilings, and furniture using brushes, spray guns, or rollers.

Additionally responsible to clean up, store paint and painting tools and equipment in appropriate areas. And follow policies and procedures for the safe operation and storage of tools, equipment, and machines.

Painter and Polisher Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Able to apply paint, stain, varnish, enamel etc. to property walls, ceilings, and furniture.
  2. Able to effectively use brushes, spray guns, or rollers.
  3. Responsible for maintaining property colour scheme specifications.
  4. Responsible for maintaining and match shades of particular areas.
  5. Apply primers or sealers to prepare new surfaces, such as bare wood or metal, for finish coats.
  6. Remove old finishes by stripping, sanding, wire brushing, burning, or using water and/or abrasive blasting.
  7. Cover surfaces with appropriate material for protection during painting and posts appropriate paint signs.
  8. Clean up and store paint and painting tools and equipment in appropriate areas.
  9. Use proper equipment, wear appropriate personal protective clothing (PPE), and employ correct lifting procedures, as necessary, to avoid injury.
  10. Coordinate with the vendor in order to modify colours of paint, stain, or varnish.
  11. Take care of the area when the front of the house area-painting job is being carried out.
  12. Always place the ‘Men at work’ signboard when working in public area or guest rooms.
  13. Take rounds of the restaurant and other public areas respective in chargeand perform paint/polish mark.
  14. Complete appropriate safety training and certifications to perform work tasks.
  15. Report work related accidents, or other injuries immediately upon occurrence to manager/supervisor.
  16. Identify and correct unsafe work procedures or conditions and/or report them to management and security/safety personnel.
  17. Any other job or duties assigned by the management as and when required.


Able to speak to guests and co-workers using clear, appropriate and professional language.

Discuss work topics, activities, or problems with co-workers, supervisors, or managers.


Technical schooling in the art of painting or Completed High school with equivalent experience in painting and polishing.

Previous experience working in hotelresort/hospitality settings.


Minimum 1 to 2 years experience working in a five star / full-service hotel or similar capacity in a service industry.

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