Job Description for Lobby Attendant

JOB TITLE: Lobby Attendant / Lobby Houseperson

REPORTS TO: Public Area Supervisor / Desk Control Supervisor


Keeps all lobbies and public area facilities such as lobby restrooms, telephone area, business center, and the front desk, and portico, lobby lounge in neat and clean conditions.


  1. Cleans and maintains all lobbies and public restrooms.
  2. Sweeps and mopes carpets, lobby entrance.
  3. Empties ashtrays and urns.
  4. Polishes furniture and fixtures.
  5. Vacuums and polishes elevators.
  6. Keeps the front of the hotel free from trash.
  7. Polishes the lobby floor during Night.
  8. Keeps the Back area of Front desk neat and clean.
  9. Ready to do any other work assigned by the supervisor time to time.
  10. Keeps all public areas neat, vacuumed and dusted.
  11. Clean and maintain lights.
  12. Makes sure mirrors, furniture, floors, ashtrays, elevators and doors are clean and mark-free. 
  13. Removes all trash from areas. 
  14. Periodically checks all lobby restrooms / wash rooms.
  15. Inspect condition of furniture for tears, rips, and stains and report damages.
  16. Restocks all supplies including toilet paper, soap and hand towels in the lobby wash rooms.
  17. Makes sure all surfaces are clean and tiedy.
  18. Arrange all cusion properly on lobby sofa.
  19. Responds to guest requests and inquiries while in the lobby. 
  20. Assist guest with their questions and direct them to the areas they want to go.
  21. Take care of all cleaning equipments used in lobby.


Speak with others using clear and professional language. Support team to reach common goals. Ensure adherence to quality expectations and standards. 

Move, lift, carry, push, pull, and place objects weighing less than or equal to 25 pounds without assistance.


High School or equivalent or 1 year diploma in hotel management. 


Previous experience in similar role preferred.

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