Job Description for Executive Chef

POSITION TITLE: Executive Chef (Senior Management Level)

REPORTS TO: General Manager / Food and Beverage Director


Responsible for the consistent preparation of innovative and creative cuisine of the highest quality, presentation and flavor for the dining rooms, banquets and other food facilities, resulting in outstanding guest satisfaction.

Additionally responsible for the smooth running of the kitchen and manage areas of profit, stock, wastage control, hygiene practices and training within the kitchen.

Executive Chef Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Trains, develops and motivates supervisors and culinary staff to meet and exceed established food preparation standards on a consistent basis.
  2. Teaches preparation according to well defined recipes and follows up and discusses ways of constantly improving the cuisine at the property.
  3. Display exceptional leadership by providing a positive work environment, counselling employees as appropriate and demonstrating a dedicated and professional approach to management.
  4. Should be able to provide direction for all day-to-day operations in the kitchen.
  5. Understand employee positions well enough to perform duties in employees\’ absence or determine appropriate replacement to fill gaps.
  6. Provides guidance and direction to subordinates, including setting performance standards and monitoring performance.
  7. Utilizes interpersonal and communication skills to lead, influence, and kitchen staff.
  8. He should advocate sound financial/business decision making, demonstrates honesty, integrity and also leads by example.
  9. Provides and supports service behaviors that are above and beyond for customer satisfaction and retention.
  10. Improves service by communicating and assisting individuals to understand guest needs, providing guidance, feedback, and individual coaching when needed.
  11. Delegates as appropriate to develop supervisors and subordinates to accept responsibility and meet clearly defined goals and objectives.
  12. Reviews staffing levels to ensure that guest service, operational needs and financial objectives are met.
  13. Actively involves in menu development and maintaining updated and accurate costing of all dishes prepared and sold in the Food and Beverage operation. 
  14. Determines how food should be presented, and create decorative food displays.
  15. Recognizes superior quality products, presentations and flavour.
  16. Ensures compliance with food handling and sanitation standards.
  17. Follows proper handling and right temperature of all food products.
  18. Ensures all equipment in the kitchen is properly maintained and in working order in accordance with local Health department and hotel standards.
  19. Reviews  GSTS and RSTS comment cards for guest satisfaction results and other data to identify areas of improvement.
  20. Coordinates with the purchase department for acquisition of needed goods and services.
  21. Ensure all products are prepared in a consistent manner and meet departmental appearance/quality standards.
  22. Ensure proper grooming and hygiene standards for all kitchen staffs.
  23. Ensures all kitchen employees maintain required food handling and sanitation certifications.
  24. Ensure proper purchasing, receiving and food storage standards in the kitchen.
  25. Interacts with guests to obtain feedback on food quality, presentation and service levels.
  26. Actively responds to and handles guest problems and complaints.
  27. Maintain Quality levels of receiving, storage, production and presentation of food.
  28. Ensure sufficient staffing levels are scheduled to accommodate business demands.
  29. Follows and enforces all applicable safety procedures specified for kitchen and food servers.
  30. Discuss daily food cost reports with key kitchen and F&B team members.
  31. Review weekly and monthly schedules to meet forecast and budget.
  32. Attend the daily morning meetings and other administrative sessions.
  33. Identifies the developmental needs of kitchen staffs and provide coaching, mentoring, and also helping them to improve their knowledge or skills.
  34. Trains kitchen associates on the fundamentals of good cooking and excellent plate presentations. Also interview and hire new applicants for kitchen.
  35. Frequently review finished products for quality and presentation before the orders are send to guest.
  36. Able to perform additional duties as requested by the hotel management as and when required.
  37. Ensures disciplinary procedures and documentation are completed according to hotel operational Standard and Management Policy.


Displays leadership in guest hospitality, exemplifies excellent customer service and creates a positive atmosphere for guest relations.

Having an eye for detail and creativity to look at things differently will be a key to developing the Food and Beverage Experience.


Able to demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication in English.  

Proficiency with computers and computer programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

3 Year Hospitality Management or equivalent Culinary university degree.


With a minimum of two years experiences in a similar capacity / function in an international five star hotel with strong background in HACCP procedures and application.

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