Job Description for Banquet Chef

Position Title: Banquet Chef / Catering Chef

Reports To:  Executive Chef / Sous Chef

Position Summary:

As a banquet chef, you would be primarily responsible for the planning, organising, controlling and directing the work of employees in the Banquet Kitchen Department. Overseeing the food preparation of all banquet and catering event while ensuring superior quality and consistency at all times.

Additionally responsible to develop new banquet menu’s, prepare, test, taste and control out new menu items. Maintain updated and accurate recipes and costing of all dishes prepared for banquet functions. Also, review the following day\’s menus and approves the store requisitions for food and supplies needed from various kitchen storerooms.

Banquet Chef Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Review banquet event orders (BEO) on a daily basis and make note of any changes.
  2. Brief the banquet kitchen staff daily about the upcoming and current functions.
  3. Supervises and coordinates all activities of cooks and banquet kitchen staff who are engaged in food preparation.
  4. Able to coordinate banquet production and plating with the Executive Chef, Sous Chef and Banquet Captain.
  5. Establish the day’s priorities and assign production and preparation tasks for the banquet kitchen staff/chefs to execute.
  6. Effectively communicate both verbally and in writing to provide clear direction to staff.
  7. Take physical inventory of specified food items for daily inventory.
  8. Assist the hotel\’s sales & catering or banqueting staffs with banquets, parties and other special events.
  9. Assist in determining the minimum and maximum stocks of all food, cooking supplies and equipment.
  10. Assist the Executive Chef in banquet menu development and execution.
  11. Maintain inventory control procedures and ensure that the banquet kitchen is prepared for the following day\’s work.
  12. Responsible for managing all day-to-day operations of banquet kitchen.
  13. Responsible to conduct frequent walkthroughs of each kitchen area and direct respective personnel to correct any deficiencies.
  14. Responsible to maintain all equipment in a proper operational condition.
  15. Responsible to oversee the regular cleaning of all equipment used in the banquet kitchen.
  16. Ensure that each banquet kitchen work area is stocked with specified tools, supplies and equipment to meet the hotels operating and business demand.
  17. Ensure that recipe cards, production schedules, plating guides, photographs are current and posted.
  18. Ensure that all staff prepares menu items following recipes in accordance with the hotels operating standards.
  19. Communicate the kitchen needs with the purchasing and storeroom personnel.
  20. Review sales and food cost with the Executive Chef to ensure that the banquet kitchen is meeting budgeted costs.
  21. Monitor the performance of banquet kitchen staff and ensure all procedures are completed to the department standards.
  22. Banquet chef should serve as a role model to demonstrate appropriate behaviours.
  23. Ensures and maintains the productivity level of all banquet cooks and supporting staffs.
  24. Supervises banquet kitchen shift operations.
  25. Assists the Executive Chef and Purchasing Manager with banquet menu planning and food purchasing.
  26. Participates in banquet kitchen employees progress and discipline procedures.
  27. Participates in training staff on menu items including ingredients, preparation methods and unique tastes.
  28. Plans and manages food quantities and plating requirements for all banquet functions.
  29. Maintains food preparation handling and correct storage standards.
  30. Reviews staffing levels to ensure that guest service, operational needs and financial objectives are met.
  31. Ensures compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  32. Follows proper handling and right temperature of all food products.
  33. Assists as needed in the interviewing and hiring of employee team members with appropriate skills.
  34. Identifies the developmental needs of kitchen staff and provide coaching, mentoring to improve their knowledge or skills.
  35. Able to plan and execute multiple banquet functions.
  36. Able to continually enhances the culinary experience of banquet or event guests.
  37. Able to understanding employee’s positions well enough and to perform duties in employees\’ absence.
  38. Able to help in cooking and food preparation, as and when required.
  39. Able to perform other duties as assigned by the management.


  • Very good knowledge of food safety, sanitation, food preparation techniques.
  • Able to work flexible hours and days.
  • Knowledge of current and updated culinary trends.
  • Ability to lead and mentor a large team of culinary professionals.


2-year or 3 Year degree from an accredited university in Culinary Arts, Hotel and Restaurant Management, or related major.


Minimum of five years experience in a high volume banquet kitchen, and a minimum of two years experience as a Sous Chef or Chef de party (CDP).

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