How to prevent cuts while working in the hotel kitchen area?

The primary rule of knife safety is simple that is \’KEEP YOUR MIND ON WHAT YOU ARE DOING\’. The Executive Chef and Sous Chef should ensure that the knives should be cleaned perfectly and stored in a safe place, and the kitchen staff or chefs should ensure that the knives are only used according to their intended purpose only.

Only use knives according to their intended use, e.g. vegetable knife for cutting vegetables; fruit knife for fruits; pacing knife for trimming and pacing vegetables; French or chef knife for general purpose chopping, slicing, dicing; butcher knife for butchering meat etc. Learn more about different types of knife used in hotels.

Preventing Cuts While Working in Kitchen Area:

  1. Always keep the knives sharp, a sharp knife is safer than a dull one because it requires less pressure and is less likely to slip.
  2. Always use the right knife for the job, there are different types of knives to choose from depending upon the work carried out. 
  3. When carrying a knife, hold it parallel to and tight against your leg as you walk.
  4. Always hold the knife beside you, point down, with the sharp edge back and away from you. Do not swing your arm, and whenever possible, carry knives in their sheaths 
  5. Warn people around the work area when you are walking past them with a knife in hand.
  6. The handle of the knife should always be kept dry and clean 
  7. Always use a cutting board or similar surface meant for the same.  
  8. Do not cut against a metal surface, and make sure to place a damp towel under the cutting board to keep it from slipping.
  9. Always cut away from yourself.
  10. Pay attention to your work when using a knife or cutting equipment.
  11. Keep a safe distance to guard yourself or your colleagues from accidental cuts.
  12. Use knives only for cutting and not for things such as opening bottles.
  13. Do not try to catch a falling knife, instead; step back and let it fall.
  14. Do not put knives in sinks, underwater, or any place where they cannot be seen. 
  15. Clean knives carefully with the sharp edge on a farther/away position from you.
  16. Keep unused knives on the box.
  17. Sharpen the knives correctly by using a stone sharpener and steel sharpener. 
  18. Always use clean knives in preparing food and also do not forget to clean up after use.
  19. Do not use the knives outside of the kitchen purposes.
  20. Keep the knives clean and hygiene all the time.
  21. Don’t put the breakable item in the pot sink. 
  22. Keep breakable item such as dishes and glassware out of the food productions area.
  23. Sweep up and never try to pick up broken glass. 
  24. Discard chopped or cracked dishes and glasses. 
  25. Use a special container for broken dishes and glasses; do not throw them in other garbage.
  26. If there is broken glass in the sink, drain the water before trying to take out the glass.
  27. Remove all nails, staples etc. when opening crates and cartons and always dispose of them.
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