How to prevent burn in the hotel kitchen?

Understanding the transfer of heat is very important to chefs working in the kitchen area, It is this movement of heat from one surface or product to another is what determines the quality of the product produced in the kitchen. Working with heat should be dealt with utmost care in order to prevent burn injuries while working in the kitchen area.

Before starting the work make sure to check the condition of all the working equipment especially those that can potentially cause a burn or fire. Ensure that their conditions are appropriate and the fire extinguishers are easily reachable.

Preventing Burns While working in the Kitchen:

  • Always assume a pot handle is hot do not just grab it with bare hands.
  • Use dry pads or towels to handle hot pans wet ones will create steam which can burn you.
  • Keep the panhandle out of the fire so people will not accidentally bump into them.
  • Also, keep the handle away from the open flame of gas burns
  • Be careful when moving heavy containers of hot food. It would be better if you get help.
  • Open lids away from you to let steam escape safely.
  • Use can openers when opening compartment steamers.
  • Make sure gas is well vented before trying to light ovens or turn off light.
  • Strike matches before turning on the gas but do so in a safe distance.
  • Clear long sleeves and double-breasted jacket to protect from a spill or spattered hot food or fat.
  • Keep the stovetop and oven clean; grease and debris buildup can ignite easily.
  • Keep stove area clear of flammable materials, including oven mitts, paper or cloth towels.
  • Always use sturdy leather shoes with closed toes.
  • Dry food before putting them in frying fat (or hot fat may splatter on you.)
  • When placing foods in hot fat, let them fall away from you so that fat will not splash on you.
  • Always warn people when you are walking behind them with hot pans, or when you are walking behind someone who is working with hot items.
  • Warn services people about hot plates.
  • Never leave cooking unattended.
  • Dishtowels should never be hung on the oven door.
  • Use only containers designed for microwave use.
  • Allow food to cool before removing it from the microwave.
  • Never leave food unattended on the stove.
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