General Manager’s Responsibilities in a Crisis

1. Take the immediate action required to ensure the safety of guests and employees.

2. Contact the appropriate source of assistance; for example, the firedepartment, police, or a medical professional.

3. Implement the relevant portion of your emergency plan.

4. Contact those within the organization who need to be informed of the crisis. This might include your supervisor, the owners, insurance companies, and company safety and security professionals.

5. Assume the leadership role expected of management during a crisis. Demonstrate your competence and professionalism by showing a genuine concern for the well-being of those affected by the crisis.

6. Communicate with your employees about the crisis.

7. Inform. those guests who need to know what is being done and what will be done to deal with the crisis.

8. Secure organizational property, but only if it can be done without risking injury to guests or employees.

9. Prepare for and make yourself available to the media.

10. Using an incident report form. or a narrative style. Document in writing your efforts and activities during the crisis.

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