Handling Glassware by the Stewarding Staff

Purpose of this SOP:

All kitchen and stewarding staff must know the correct procedure of handling, sorting, washing and storing glassware. The stewarding staff should also clearly understand how important it is to keep the storage room area clean, hygiene and also to follow proper procedures for handling and stacking the glassware. 

The Executive Chef and Stewarding Manager should be responsible to ensure that appropriate kitchen equipment cleaning and maintenance methods are followed by the stewarding staff. The hotel training and HRD department should develop and implement proper written Kitchen Stewarding SOP\’s to ensure the same is implemented correctly throughout all the food preparation outlets.

Standard Operating Procedures for Handling Glassware:

Note: This SOP is for reference or example only, always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for your\’s and others safety, and also to avoid any injury while operating this equipment.

1. Storing the Glassware in racks:

  • Use dolly glass racks to arrange glasses.
  • Arrange according to the glass types.
  • Do not stack the racks higher than your shoulders.
  • Ensure that the racks are dry before they are arranged.
  • Arrange and put large glass items behind the smaller ones.
  • Do not place glass objects beyond the appropriate capacity.
  • Always measure the capacity of the rack to contain glass items.

2. Glassware handling process: 

  • Always exercise caution.
  • Do not stack more than necessary items.
  • Take all the glassware from the machines with utmost care.
  • Before arranging the items, ensure their cleanliness.
  • Do not remove them if they are still wet.
  • Ensure proper care to avoid the possibility of item damage.

3. Glassware washing process:

  • Overlyed dirty glass should be cleaned first with hot water and soap.
  • Unsatisfactory washing result is ground for a rewash.
  • Milk stains should be washed immediately without delay.  
  • Make a grouping of dirty items based on size and types.
  • Soak them up.
  • Put them into the racks.
  • Spray them with cleaning solution.
  • Wash them up as per the standard.
  • Stack them carefully.
  • Separate them carefully.
  • Store them carefully.

4. Storing / Racking the Glassware Items:

  • Know all types of racks.
  • Label the glass racks.
  • Know the capacity of the racks.
  • When the racks are full immediately insert them into the dishwashing machine.
  • Put drainage holes on the racks so that the water can be drained quickly.
  • Separate glassware according to item size and types.
  • Ensure the glassware storing place is clean and damp-free. 
  • Always store glassware items properly and correctly in accordance with the bin card.
  • Always use a trolley or any other form of transportation to move items.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. What are the steps to handle glassware?

Q3. Explain the procedure for sorting glassware?

Q4. Explain the glassware washing process?

Q5. Why it is important to store the glassware items appropriately?

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