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Hotels of historical significance

The fortress hotels run hotels that are not only historical, but of historical significance. Napoleon’s northern flank, the Kongsvinger agreement with Sweden, crucial for Norway’s independence 9 April 1940, Blücher, military strategic fortresses that have protected Norway, halls where all Norwegian kings have eaten, room 213 where Knut Hamsun wrote «Swarmers», room 2015 where Edvard Munch was tricked into believing that Hedda was dying, a gathering place for the Christiania bohemian, or castle halls where Greta Garbo danced with the princes of Monaco.

The Fortress Hotels are a member of the Historic Hotels & Restaurants, an organization consisting of Norway’s most beautiful and historic hotels and restaurants. The Fortress Hotel & Resort at Kongsvinger Fortress was in 2018 named the Castle Hotel of the Year in Europe by Historical Hotels Of Europe.

Use is the best protection

Through “use is the best protection” you can now help create the stories of the future, as they have been created through hundreds of years of activity.

Purpose, vision and ethical foundation

The company will deliver high quality hospitality experiences. For us, the role of host begins where service ends. We will go the extra mile for our guests. Our hotels are all located on historical grounds of great national value. This gives us an extra responsibility to offer quality at all levels, and we are very aware of this responsibility.

The role of host should permeate all departments of the hotel. We want to be perceived as interested in our guests, we must show commitment, as well as offer high quality food, drink, cleaning and general order.

We have some values ​​that we want to drive any decision:

  • Hosting
  • Commitment
  • Quality


The company is organized:

Reenskaug Hotel

General Manager

Name: Kjetil Eide

Mail: kjetil.eide@festningshotellene.no

Phone: +47 905 73 877

Executive Chef

Name: Irena Duczkowska

Mail: kjokken.reenskaug@festningshotellene.no

Phone: +47 939 93 176

Torreby Slott

General Manager

Name: Niklas Karlsson

Mail: niklas.karlsson@festningshotellene.no

Phone: +46 70-693 96 48

Executive Chef



Phone: +46

Kongsvinger Festning

General Manager

Name: Hanne Marte Strøm Vestlund

Mail: hanne.marte@festningshotellene.no

Phone: +47 458 60 016

Executive Chef

Name: Tone Strøm

Mail: tone.strom@festningshotellene.no

Phone: +47 930 85 884

Safety representative :

Oscarsborg Hotel & Resort

Environmental Lighthouse Manager: Ninja Helena Edsem (temporary)

Safety Representative: Denise Kocaman

Fire Protection: Huseyin Kocaman

Reenskaug Hotel

Environmental lighthouse manager: Kjetil Eide

Safety representative: Morten Hammer

Fire protection: Kjetil Eide

Fortress Hotel & Resort

Environmental Lighthouse Manager: Ninja Helena Edsem (temporary)

Safety representative: Målfrid Solstad

Fire protection: Forsvarsbygg

Health service (BHT):

OHR has entered into an agreement with Follo Bedriftshelsetjeneste.

Contact: 64 94 18 21 // follobht@follobht.no.

FHR has an agreement with Glåmdal HMS.

Contact: Gågata 32 (Kongsvinger) // 62 88 85 00 // post@glomdalhms.no

RH uses Follo Business Health Service

Contact: 64 94 18 21 // follobht@follobht.no.

The company has an agreement with the following renovator (s) for the collection of industrial waste:
RH and OHR use Follo Truck, FHR uses Glåma.

The company delivers the following types of hazardous waste: Batteries and other electronic damaged / discontinued products.
FHR delivers / arranges collection with GIR waste management.
OHR delivers / arranges collection with Follo Truck rental
RH delivers / arranges collection with Follo Truck rental

Fire protection leader RH: Kjetil Eide
Fire protection leader OHR: Huseyin Kocaman.
Fire protection leader FHR: Forsvarsbygg

Environmental Lighthouse

The fortress hotels must all be environmental lighthouses.
This means that we must carry out preventive HSE work to create safety and security for our own employees and our guests, protect the environment and health, and fulfill the objectives and requirements set. in «regulations on internal control».
We shall be aware of all aspects of the operation that may affect the environment such as waste, purchasing and consumption. Concrete goals and measures must be set for how we can operate more sustainably, with regard to the environment and our employees.

An annual climate and environmental report is provided for all hotels, the results and statistics here will be made known to all employees and together we will look at actions to improve results.

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