Opening routine duties before service in Bar/Lounge

Opening Routine in Hotel Bar:

  • Switch on the Bar lights, display lights, glass wash machine and plug in all bar electronic equipment i.e. (Blender, Swirl Machine etc.)
  • Read and check the Log book hand over notes and requisition book.
  • Check the Bar counter, sink, utensils and fridge.
  • Clean up spills with the damp cloth, followed by a dry cloth. Do not user a linen napkin to clean up spills. Use only designated cloths or cleaning towels.
  • Report stained or damaged upholstery or carpeting to Housekeeping / Maintenance department.
  • Move and adjust tables and chairs as needed.
  • Ask the housekeeping department to vacuum the BAR lounge thoroughly.
  • Wipe all tabletops with a damp cloth and sanitizing solution followed by a dry cloth.

If the BAR uses table top candle lamps:

  • Place a new candle in each candle lamp as needed, or refill lamps using liquid fuel. Make sure that wicks are in good condition.
  • If the lamp uses gas, then make sure there are no open flames near you while you are filling lamps.
  • Brass and silver rims of the lamps has to be polished if necessary.
  • Check flower arrangements and make sure the vases are clean and flowers and greenery are fresh and neatly arranged.
  • If the hotel uses artificial flower arrangements then, make sure that they are free from dust.
  • Adjust the drapes and blinds. Make sure that they are hanging neatly. If required adjust them to get the best appearance.
  • If there is any food residue or stains on the drapes and inform Housekeeping immediately so they can do the required cleaning / replacements.
  • Place clean ashtrays on tables in the smoking section. Place a fresh, closed book of matches in each ashtray.
  • Check all billing stationary, equipment, POS terminals and printers are in place and working properly.
  • Set up the Bar counter, displays, tent cards, tissues, Bar table mats, display and pouring bottles, speed rail.
  • Pick up all stocks that had been requested yesterday.
  • Clean and wipe all the new stocks and replenished the fridge, store cabinet. Always follow F.I.F.O. Standards.
  • Clean and wipe all the glasses “No water spot should be visible”
  • Re wipe all the bottle displays, wine rack, draught taps etc.
  • Prepare your garnishes, fruits and refill your Bar organizer.
  • Make the opening inventory so you can double check the availability of your stocks and expiration.
  • Re check all your routine/checklist and you’re ready for operation.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What all to be done on table top candle lamps?  

Q2. What cloth to be used while cleaning up spills?

Q3. Why it is important to read guest log book before starting shift?

Q4. What action to be taken if you find and stain on drapes?

Q5. What is the benefit of following F.I.F.O standards?

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