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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Are all courses free?

All courses are free for staff at Festningshotellene.

#2. Are the courses available after course complement?

Yes, all the lessons are available after complement and can be search for in the Knowledge base or through the Academy course.

#3. Can i take as many courses that I like?

Yes, all courses can be used by all staff at Festningshotellene.

#4. Are some courses mandatory?

Yes, courses related to your position and department are mandatory.

#5. Does the courses cover everything?

More or less the Academy covers working at small to large hotels in general. You will experience some differences at your department.

#6. Is there a Phone App?

Yes. By going to the “share” button on your phone while visiting the Academy, you can “Add to home screen” and the Academy will function as an App.

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