65 Ways for Improving Hotel Green Policy

  1. Raise the hotel’s staff awareness of the environment.
  2. Integrate the preservation of the environment in all jobs.
  3. Make the guests aware of environmental issues and the hotels green policy.
  4. Promote public transportation.
  5. Set objectives for limiting consumption.
  6. Monitor and analyze consumption every month.
  7. Develop a list of potential technical improvements.
  8. Organize preventive maintenance.
  9. Ensure optimal use of plant and machinery.
  10. Install efficient façade lighting.
  11. Use low energy fluorescent or LED lamps for permanent lighting.
  12. Use low energy LED lamps in bedrooms.
  13. Use LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) for externally illuminated signs.
  14. Use LEDs for the emergency exit signs.
  15. Use energy-efficient refrigerators in bedrooms.
  16. Insulate pipes carrying hot/chilled fluids.
  17. Use energy-efficient boilers.
  18. Recover energy from the main ventilation system.
  19. Use energy-efficient air-conditioning systems.
  20. Recover energy from air-conditioning systems.
  21. Install solar panels for the production of domestic hot water.
  22. Install solar panels for heating swimming pools.
  23. Promote the use of renewable energies.
  24. Set objectives for limiting consumption.
  25. Monitor and analyze consumption every month.
  26. Install water flow regulators on basin faucets/taps.
  27. Install low flow showerheads.
  28. Install water-efficient toilets.
  29. Use efficient laundry equipment.
  30. Propose to guests to reuse towels (use a small tent card if required to display hotel green policy).
  31. Propose to guests to reuse sheets (use a small tent card if required to display hotel green policy).
  32. Eliminate water-cooled refrigeration systems.
  33. Recover/Harvest rainwater.
  34. Collect and recycle the used cooking oil.
  35. Separate and collect grease from foodstuffs.
  36. Treat wastewater or have it treated.
  37. Recycle greywater.
  38. Recycle paper/cardboard packaging.
  39. Recycle papers, newspapers and magazines.
  40. Limit the use of disposable packaging for hotel supplies.
  41. Recycle glass packaging.
  42. Recycle plastic packaging.
  43. Recycle metal cans.
  44. Organize sorting of waste in bedrooms.
  45. Limit individual packaging of hygiene products in bedrooms.
  46. Recycle restaurant organic waste.
  47. Recycle garden green waste.
  48. Dispose safely of hotel batteries.
  49. Dispose safely of guests’ batteries.
  50. Recycle electrical and electronic equipment.
  51. Recycle ink cartridges.
  52. Dispose safely of fluorescent bulbs/tubes.
  53. Eliminate appliances containing CFCs.
  54. Check the appliance containing CFCs, HCFCs or HFCs are leak-proof.
  55. Reduce the use of insecticides.
  56. Reduce the use of weed killers.
  57. Reduce the use of fungicides.
  58. Use organic fertilizers.
  59. Minimize water used for irrigation
  60. Use plants locally adapted to the weather
  61. Plant at least one tree every year
  62. Participate in local action for the environment
  63. Use ecological paper
  64. Favour Ecolabel products
  65. Favour organic products
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