chef cooking in the kitchen

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Knowledge base

chef cooking in the kitchen

All the food and beverages that are served to the hotel guest is prepared in the kitchen. Culinary preparation, as an art and science in the modern kitchen, required more than just a knowledge of food being prepared and the methods of preparation. It is through a knowledge of basic skills, terminology, and rules of the kitchen that a final goal, preparation and service of quality is achieved in the hotel kitchen.

Kitchen and Food Productiontion
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This department looks after the service of food and drinks to guests. The Food which is made in the Kitchen and Drinks prepared in the Bar to the Customers (Guest) at the Food & Beverage premises. Some examples of the food and beverage outlets are Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Airlines, Cruise Ships, Trains, Companies, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Prisons, Takeaway etc

Food and Beverage Service
woman fixing the linen of a bed

The housekeeping department is responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance, and aesthetic upkeep of rooms, public areas, back areas, and surroundings in a hotel and for the immaculate care and upkeep of all guest rooms and public spaces at all times. The staff members who excel in the Housekeeping Departments have an eye for detail and a commitment to the training, development and motivation of a diverse group of talented employees. It is the service and cleanliness that really make an impact on our guests and determine whether they will return and also recommend the hotel to others.

reception desk with antique hotel bell

This department performs various functions like reservation, reception, registration, room assignment, and settlement of bills of a resident guest and the front office department is considered as the nerve centre of a hotel. The front-office staff welcome the guests, carry their luggage, help them register, give them their room keys and mail, answer questions about the activities in the hotel and surrounding area, and finally check them out. In fact, the only direct contact most guests have with hotel employees, other than in the restaurants, is with members of the front-office staff.

Front Office

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